Monday, May 18, 2015

God's gifts of Grace: bringing Gracelyn into the world

This pregnancy and birth of our daughter was indeed a miracle and gift from the good grace of God. Many little miracles occurred to bring this girl into the world.

This pregnancy was different from the beginning. It felt different. At ten weeks I started bleeding very heavily. There was no way this wasn't a miscarriage. I was devastated and heart broken. The first miracle occurred: baby was just fine.  It turned out that I had a subchorionic hemorrhage. Typically nothing to worry about,  but they would monitor my pregnancy more closely with frequent ultrasounds.

When I was approximately 24 or 25 weeks along, I was sure I had lost control over my bladder. One day I started to realize it might be amniotic fluid. I knew that this was something that shoukd be reportef right away to the doctor. However, I didn't feel like I should call the office. Heavenly Father blessed that everything was ok. This turned out to be a major blessing and another miracle because had I notified the Dr's office as soon as I suspected amniotic fluid, they would have hospitalized me and I would have been in there at least month longer. That would have been a hard struggle on our family.

The night before my next appointment, i started to feel anxious and that it was time to take care of this problem. I just didnt realize thst tsking care of it required hospitalization. Here is was i erote the night i was,admitted:
"I was admitted to the hospital tonight.  My water has broken prematurely and I am only 39 1/2 weeks pregnant. I will spend the rest of my pregnancy here in the hospital and if I make it to 34 weeks they will induce me into labor. I have been filled with an amazing feeling of peace and comfort during this entire time. I have no doubt that the Lord is in control and He is with me.  How can he not be in charge when the first person i run into when i walk into the hospital is my bishop. Not a coincidence. When Doug got here, he and the bishop have me a blessing. Doug blessed me that my body would be strong, that my family will be taken care of,  and that the Lord is in charge. I realize there will be challenges and it will not be easy. First I need to make it through being in the hospital for a while and then take care of a premature baby. I want to be home with my kids and hubby, but we will get through it.