Friday, March 6, 2015

Whiny little Turkeys

Today my kids are being whiny little turkeys. They have been whining and complaining all day about everything. Their apple slices broke in half; it's the end of the world. They didn't get gum (because yesterday they broke into mommy's purse and ate the whole pack). They want lunch at 10:30. A snack isn't enough. I suggest they get their shoes and socks on so we can go play outside. They complain because they want to get shoes and socks so we can go to someone's house. More crying and complaining. I've had enough. That's it. They won't get to play outside, they are sent downstairs. More whining and crying....I loose it. I yell at them. Finally they are down stairs so I can think and breathe. I start to feel bad for yelling. Why did I yell? What good does that do? I begin to calm down but another one comes up and starts all over again. The frustration comes back quickly. I take him to his room. His sobs stop for a moment and he says something in his sweet little voice. That sweet little sound hits me right to the center. My hard shell starts to break away.  I am sorry. 
Maybe someday I can learn to handle these frustrations by staying calm and patient. Some days are better than others, but any women who have suggestions on how to stay at peace or how to teach children not to complain. I would love to hear from you mothers who are much better at this than I am.