Monday, April 27, 2009

Brigham's first time to church

Hey, everyone! Brigham here. I just wanted to let everyone know how cool it was at church yesterday. First, in Sacrament Meeting, I just got to nap the whole time in Mommy's and Daddy's arms with nice, soothing background music to go to sleep to. In Sunday School, I woke up and was a little hungry. So, check it out! Mom fed me. How cool is that? I went with Mom to Relief Society and let me tell you, all of the women were staring at me because they thought I was soooo cute! So, church was awesome: eat, sleep, and get the all ladies' attention!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Happy Easter!!!

This is little Briggs on Easter. We spent it in Shelley at Grandma/Grandpa Bitter's. We had a candy hunt around the house and had a wonderful Easter Dinner. Doug and I took turns going to church and watching the little one. (That's how it goes). We are excited that we will be taking him out soon!!!!

Doug and Shar Married for 1 Year on April 11, 2009

Our Family has allready grown on our first anniversary. This year has been full of blessings and more blessings! We have had many adventures including visiting Zion's Ntl. Park, Mesquite, Mexico City, and Disneyland. And our favorite part about this year was the recent sunshine in our life...little Brigham.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Brigham is getting bigger

Yay for Bathtime!!!

Now, the question you like sleeping with mommy or daddy better, Brigham?

This is our beautiful bright-eyed baby. We love him from head to toe, bumps and all.